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Residential Safety and Security Window Films in Dubai

Are you looking to enhance the safety and security of your home in Dubai? Look no further than Safetygard dubai’s wide range of residential safety and security window films. Our clear and tinted films, available in various thicknesses, offer protection and peace of mind for your family and property.

Residential Safety and Security Window Films:
Defending Your Home

Why Choose Safetygarddubai's Safety and Security Window Films?

At Safetygard dubai, we understand the importance of safeguarding your home against potential threats. Our state-of-the-art window films are designed to provide top-notch protection, making them the ideal choice for homeowners in Dubai.


Our residential safety and security window film, available in clear and various tint options such as neutral grey, silver, and more, is your first line of defense against intruders, accidents, and extreme weather conditions.

Clear Safety and Security Window Film

Your windows may be strengthened invisibly yet effectively with our transparent film. It provides protection without obstructing your view, making it ideal for preserving your home’s visual appeal.

Tinted Safety and Security Window Film

In addition to silver 20, silver 40 and neutral grey, you will find a variety of coloured alternatives from our selection. Apart from improved security, these films offer privacy and glare reduction.


Safetygard dubai offers multiple thickness options, including 4mil, 7mil, and 8mil. The thicker the film, the higher the level of protection it provides. Whether you need a subtle shield or a robust defense, we have the right thickness for you.

Safetygard dubai is proud to serve the security needs of Dubai homeowners. Our protective window films are tested and proven to withstand various threats, making them a trusted choice across the UAE.

Explore Our Range of Safety and Security Window Films

Silver 20 4mil and Silver 40 4mil

These films offer a balance between security and solar control, reducing heat and UV rays while keeping your home safe.

Silver 20 8mil and Silver 40 8mil

For enhanced security, these thicker films are designed to deter intruders and resist impact.

Neutral Grey 35 8mil and Neutral Grey 45 8mil

These films offer a harmonious blend of enhanced privacy, glare reduction, and formidable security features.

Clear 7 Mil Exterior

This film provides excellent protection against the outside elements and potential break-ins while maintaining clarity.

Safety and Security Window Films in Dubai:
Your Home's Guardian

In a city like Dubai, where security is a top priority, Safetygarddubai’s residential safety and security window films offer a cost-effective solution to fortify your home. Our products are engineered to withstand the unique challenges of the UAE’s climate and security concerns.


Don’t compromise on your family’s safety and the protection of your valuable assets. Contact Safetygard dubai today and let our experts guide you in choosing the perfect safety and security window film for your residential needs. Invest in the security and peace of mind that you deserve.

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