Only Light And No Damage 


Madico's residential window films are the most innovative ways to protect your homes from hot spots, fading furnishings, glare, and harmful UV radiation.

Protect Your Environment With Sun Control

Windows are the source of light that brighten your homes and bring in energy and positivity. But without Madico architectural window films, your windows let in excessive heat and UV radiation. You get more than sun protection with our residential tinting service.

Save Energy & Lower Utilities

Installing window films can significantly lower your home's heating and cooling expenses. Madico residential window films can absorb and reflect up to 86% of the sun's heat; that's some serious energy savings.

Minimize Glare

Residential sun control films allow you to create a glare-free and UV-resistance indoor ambiance. You get to keep your homes naturally lit, enjoy better TV visibility, and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Adds To Your Home's Look

Installing residential window films not only increase privacy, but you can also create custom looks with high-end finishes that enhance your home's overall look.

Comfortable Indoor Temperature

Madico window films offer excellent heat absorption and reflection. This ensures no significant disparity between sunny and darker areas in your home for a comfortable temperature-controlled environment.

UV Protection

Window films can block 99% of UV radiations protecting your family against their harmful effects. UV rays also damage the furniture, upholstery, and carpets resulting in fading. With proper residential tinting, you can prevent such damage.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Madico window films come with a manufacturer's warranty. Safety Gard is the authorized Madico dealer and installer in Dubai, and our services are covered under warranty.



Solar Control Film

Harness the sun’s positivity, energy, and natural light with our solar control film installation service. Madico’s high-performance film blocks harmful UV rays and controls heat transmission. Learn more about maintaining more relaxed interiors, reducing glare, and enhancing energy efficiency with our service.


Safety & Security

Protect your home with Madico’s window security film. Engineered to make glass shatter-resistant against high winds and storPrioritize safety and protect what matters most with Madico residential window films. Deter break-ins and safeguard against accidents with our residential tinting services.


Decorative Window Film

Madico window films are available in a variety of decorative patterns. We let you unleash your creativity and personalize your windows with our decorative window film installation service. Let’s elevate the aesthetics of your homes while adding a hint of privacy.


Customized Installation Services

At Safety Gard, we are committed to fulfilling the client’s desires for privacy, security, and energy savings. We are an authorized Madico window films dealer and installer.

Homes We Improved

Check out our recent home window film installation projects helping our clients enjoy naturally lit homes without excessive heat and discomfort.

Our Projects

Read all about automotive tint with our informative blogs. You just might learn something new about car-tinted window tint!


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Residential window films are specialized films applied to the windows of residential buildings offering a range of benefits such as energy savings, enhanced safety, and improved aesthetics.

The cost of filming a residential window depends on several factors, such as the window size, the type of film being used, the complexity of the installation, and the geographical location.

The primary function of window films is to reduce heat, block UV rays, and reduce glare from the sun. These effects are noticeable to some extent at night, too, with street lights and artificial lighting.

The lifespan of window film depends on factors like film quality, the installation process, the climate conditions, and the amount of direct sunlight it is exposed to. Madico window films easily last for anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Window films offer excellent privacy, and there are several varieties to choose from, such as frosted films, one-way mirror films, and privacy films.