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Energy Efficiency Survey by Safetygard Dubai

SafetygardDubai will provide you with a thorough Energy Efficiency Survey if you’re interested in learning more about the advantages that energy-saving window film may offer for your building in Dubai. Our knowledgeable staff produces a personalised study of the possible return on investment you might anticipate from our window film solutions using specialised tools and in-depth expertise.


It’s essential to note that the effectiveness of window film in saving energy largely depends on specific criteria that your premises should meet:

Glass Area

Your building should have at least 200 square meters of glass.


Windows should constitute a significant portion of your building’s elevations.

Air Conditioning System

Ideally, your building should have an air conditioning system with separate metered heating and cooling supplies.

If your building meets these criteria, installing SafetygardDubai’s window film can not only lead to cost savings but also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint.


Your premises will be visited by a member of our specialised team who will perform a complete inspection. We will then send you a customised report outlining the possible savings and the anticipated payback period for your particular circumstance. In order for us to provide an estimated guidance for structures that do not match the minimal requirements listed above, please include as much of the following information as you can:

Total Glass Area

The total area of glass in your building, measured in square metres.

Window-to-Wall Ratio

The proportion of windows to the overall area of the walls.

Building Details

Building details provide information on the size, breadth, orientation, and shape of your structure.


The kind of glass that is currently in place.

Insulation Techniques

Any in-building insulation techniques now in use.

Shading Methods

Information about other shade techniques, such as canopies or trees.

Age of

How old your building is.


The number of people residing in the structure.

Costs of air cooling and heating

If available, the amount you currently spend on these two things.

SafetygardDubai is committed to helping you make informed decisions about improving the energy efficiency of your building through our window film solutions. Contact us today to schedule an Energy Efficiency Survey and explore the potential benefits for your property in Dubai.

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