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We use MADICO Window Film products because they provide the best window protection for our customers on the market. We have proudly provided high quality window film solutions to homeowners and businesses in the United Arab Emirates

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Safety Gard Window Film Dubai is an authorized MADICO Window Film U.S.A Distributor and lnstaller in United Arab Emirates. We use MADICO Window Film products because they provide the best window protection for our customers on the market. We have proudly provided high quality window film solutions to homeowners and businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

MADICO Sun Control Window Films, Safety & Security Windows Films, Decorative Window Films and Automotive Window Films for both home and commercial buildings. We have installed window film for many satisfied Home and Business owners in U.A.E No matter how small or complex, we have the resources, expertise, and experience to tackle any window film project.

Safety Gard can help you protect your home without sacrificing the benefits of natural light. As an authorized installer of MADICO window film, we offer world-class window film and tinting solutions. MADICO window films are virtually clear, providing first-rate protection without changing the look of your Home or Building. 

Commercial window film is a necessity for any Business that values security and productivity. Your windows are one of the most important features of your building. Windows allow natural light to flood your office and provide wonderful views. However, sunlight brings higher energy costs, employee discomfort from hot spots, Glare on computer screens and fading of office furnishings. ln addition, those views provide opportunities for break-ins and vulnerability to hurricanes.

Window Films can be used to combat a wide spectrum of glass related issues, and we supply and fit a comprehensive range. Solar films to avoid excess heat, safety window films and security films for added protection, bomb-blast film, privacy window films and frosted films to give your windows privacy, all available in a range of finishes and grades. For those looking for a stylish new look for your villa or office glazing, we also offer a number of frosted films for windows to obscure glass as well as a stunning range of designer films for your windows.

Popular Madico brands include the Sunscape @ premier architectural film line, SafetyShield @ safety and security films and anchoring restraint systems, Wincos @ lR and Black Pearl @ Nano – Ceramic automotive films, Protekt @ automotive paint protection, ClearPlex @ windshield protection film, and Protection Pro @ on – demand device protection.


Why We Prefer Madico?

For more than a century, Madico,lnc. has set the standard for producing world-class, high – quality film products. The company’s state – of – the – art manufacturing facility and world headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA features sophisticated coating and laminating lines along with an advanced research and development center to support its growing product offerings.

Madico’s business segments include window films and specialty solutions. The window film division manufactures and distributes high performance films for automotive, architectural and safety and security applications through nine company – owned distribution centers in North America as well as an extensive international distributor network. The specialty solutions division collaborates, manufactures, and delivers value-added film solutions to OEM’s who use Madico film as components of their own products in a variety of industries including aerospace, healthcare, transportation, and building construction.

The company’s commitment to glass film innovation has earned recognition from such esteemed organizations as the Protecting People First Foundation, while Madico’s dedication to responsible testing has helped it earn certifications from Underwriters Laboratories and other reputable agencies. Madico has pioneered numerous industry-first products with an unrivaled commitment to quality and dedication to its customers. Madico is a fully owned subsidiary of Lintec USA Holdings, lnc.

Benefits of Madico Window Films


Madico films regulate temperature disparity in commercial buildings, helping customers and employees feel more comfortable.

Energy savings

Madico commercial solar window films limit outdoor temperature influences, retaining heat in the winter, conserving cool air in the summer, and ultimately lowering energy bills.

Fade Protection

Madico commercial window films block harmful UV rays from your merchandise and furnishings, reducing the risk of fading.


Due to their durable design, our commercial security window films keep broken glass in place, deterring unauthorized persons from breaking in


You can give your exterior a sleek, uniform look with our visually attractive commercial decorative window films.

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SAFETY GARD CAR ACCESSORIES LLC Is the Authorised Distributor and Applicator for MADICO WINDOW FILM U.S.A

Car Tinting

Windshield Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Coating

Car Tinting

Exterior Detailing

Solar Control Window Film

Safety & Security Window Film

Decorative Window Film

Safety Shield

Marine window Films

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