Customized Commercial Window Films in UAE

SafetyGard Dubai develops cutting-edge solutions to satisfy the ever-changing needs of a commercial world in flux within the UAE. We offer truly leading-edge technology specially developed for window film. Transform your windows into energy-efficient marvels, harnessing sunlight to slash energy costs. Embrace sustainability with style, as our films deliver privacy and protection while giving your space a sleek, eco-friendly upgrade.

commercial solar window films

Infrared rejection 94%

Unltraviolet rejection 99%

Visible Light Transmitted 80%

Explore Commercial Solar Window Films & commercial decorative window films

Solar Control Window Films

Discover Premium Solar Control Films

And that’s precisely where SafetyGard Dubai comes in. Our top-quality solar control window films allow you to enjoy comfort and productivity at work as well!. 


Industry leaders such as Nova, Optivision or UV Guard always offer advanced solar control solutions. Protect workers from the sun’s rays, reduce glare and create a more comfortable working environment. Believe in our dedication to innovation, technology improved. Innovation and performance, naturally Enjoy the best in solar control by embracing SafetyGard.

Decorative Window Films

SafetyGardDubai’s beautiful decorative window films will revitalize your office atmosphere. From blackout and whiteout choices to the refined Decolite series, make it a breeze to add an aesthetic touch of elegance within your working environment.


Our films give more than just privacy; a touch of tweeness, your commercial space will be unique. Style and purpose come together in our hand-picked selection. For extraordinary films, call on Trust SafetyGard to create an environment in keeping with your unique corporate identity.

Smart Window Films

SafetyGarddubai’s window film solutions usher in the future of offices. Such innovative films have been designed for use in conference rooms but also provide customisable degrees of privacy at the press of a button.


Protect your privacy in the constantly changing business world. Our innovative technology easily accommodates any office environment. Redefine the privacy and functionality of your office environment with smart solutions from SafetyGarddubai.

TOP NOTCH BENEFITS OF commercial solar window films

Energy Saving

UV Protection

Heat Rejection

Anti Glare

At SafetyGardDubai, we understand the unique needs of commercial markets. Our window films are methodically designed to provide unparalleled function, endurance and beauty. When you choose our products for your office space, it meets the requisite standards; we can go even further beyond that. For quality and innovation, choose SafetyGarddubai for up-to-the-minute window film solutions that raise your workplace to a new level.


We understand the importance of balancing performance and style for which we see our films. Modernize your workspace today. Contact SafetyGarddubai for a one-to-one consultation, and we will turn your windows into valuable corporate assets.

Commercial Window Film

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